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The mission of the Macoun Evangelical Missionary Church is to live for Jesus and to be showing and telling His truth and love to others in our world. We strive to do this so others will trust their lives to Jesus and in turn show and tell Jesus to more people. God empowers us to do this through a healthy, vital and growing relationship with Himself.


As a result of our mission, our church family values:

1. Our relationship with God.

2. Our relationship with people.

3. Being a blessing to others.

4. Spreading the message of Jesus.

5. Encouraging and helping people to follow and live for Jesus.

Macoun Church is a part of the EMCC

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A BRIEF history

The Macoun Evangelical Missionary church family had its beginnings in 1929 when four families came from Morse Saskatchewan and began meeting together. Soon after these families began meeting together they applied to and became a mission of the Evangelical Church Conference  - as it was called at that time.

Rev. J.S. Domm was the first resident Pastor. The ten charter members began by holding meetings in people's homes and then had tent meetings in which people came to trust their lives to Jesus. Historically helping others choose to follow and serve Jesus and revival were major emphases in our church family. It is reported that in 1935 fifty nine consecutive days of revival meetings were held. Throughout the years a healthy youth group, Sunday School classes and musical gifts have been and continue to be important parts of our church family.  

The first church building was built in 1930, and the present church facility was constructed in 1980 with a major addition in 2017-2018. The addition consisted of purchasing, moving and joining together the Macoun Catholic Church building with our building. We added a new fellowship hall, new office, nursery, kitchen and storage area. In the fall of 2019 we celebrated our 90th year of ministry in Macoun. Our church has always been an important part of the Macoun community and fully intends to continue to do so as long as Jesus allows and leads us.  

Throughout its history the Macoun church has always been associated with the same denomination. Our denomination has undergone some name changes from the Evangelical church, to the Evangelical United Brethren church, to the Evangelical Church of Canada. Most recently, in 1993, the Evangelical Church of Canada merged with the Missionary Church of Canada to become the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada. While the names have changed our commitment to the Lordship of Jesus and to the authority of God's Word has always remained the same. We strive to keep Jesus in the center of all we do and to show and tell his blessings to everyone.


Note: Most of the historical dates and information was taken from Pioneers of Faith: A History of The Evangelical Church in Canada.

Charlie Bowen
Chelsea Schindel

Church Board Chairman

Curtis Fehr &
Shawn Bissonnette

Youth Leaders

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